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TestStand memory leaks and purify

We have been using Rational Software's 'Purify' Product to
try and identify memory leaks in our test software but have
experienced problems with some of the TestStand DLLs.

Problem seems to occur when the TestStand Sequence Editor tries to login

Error Message obtained are

Error Popup
Unable to load test environment adapter 'C/CVI Std Prototype Adapter'.
Run setup to re-install or remove this adapter

Could not load test adapter DLL 'c:\apps\teststand\Bin\SCVIAdp.dll'.
Error Code - 17004, Could not load DLL or library.

Run-Time Error Popup
An error occurred in the 'Login' step of the 'LoginLogout' sequence in 'FrontEndCallbacks.Seq'.
Could not load DLL or external library 'c:\APPS\TestStand\
Could not load DLL or library. Error Code: -17004

Error Popup
An Error occurred while running the Front End callback 'LoginLogout'
Could not load DLL or external library 'c:\APPS\TestStand\Components\NI\Callbacks\FrontEnd\frontend.dll
Error Code: 17004, Could not load DLL or library

Would appreciate help on the following in the following areas

· Has anybody used TestStand with purify, if so have they had similar problems
· Has anybody used a similar tool such as 'BoundsChecker' with TestStand
you experience any problems
· Can anybody think of any reason why these dlls shouldn't work with such

. We are using TestStand 1.0 and MSVC 5.0 and purify 6.0.1
. We have also experienced problesm with the cvirt.dll which is found in
system32 directory.
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I have not worked with either purify or BoundsChecker but I think you will need to install CVI runtime engine. This is required to run any dlls created from CVI. It could also be other reasons such as you are missing a dll which it needs. I would suggest you to look at the following 2 links.

This link explains what -17004 error is and how to get rid of it.

This links allows you to download a tool which displays all the dependency of the dll which you are using. (this is the tool spoken of in the last link)
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