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TestStand deployement utility



I would like to know if it's possible to configure the "start in" property of a shorcut when you create an installer with TestStand Deployement utility ?

I didn't find this property in the "shortcuts" window of the TestStand Deployement Utility.


I'm using TS 4.2.



Thanks for your help



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Hi JP_V,


Thanks for posting on National Instruments Forum. 


Here you have the steps to create the shortcut: 


1. Include your Operator Interface in the TestStand Workspace
2. Run the TestStand Deployment Utility
3. Click on the Distribute Files tab
4. Select the Operator Interface executable, for example, TestExec.exe
5. Click on the Shortcuts... button
6. In the Shortcuts window that appears, click on the Add Shortcut button
7. Select the Shortcut Base Path. This is where the shortcut will be created.
8. Leave the Shortcut Relative Path as is
9. In the Shortcut Command Line Arguments, enter "-run MainSequence C:\test.seq" where "MainSequence" is the Entry Point that you would like to run and "C:\test.seq" is the full path to the sequence file that you would like to run. 


Feel free if you have any further questions. 

    Benjamin R.

Senior LabVIEW Developer @Neosoft

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je vais poursuivre en français ça sera plus simple 🙂

merci pour votre réponse, mais ma question ne devait pas être très clair car ça n'y répond pas.


J'arrive très bien à créer un raccourci (sur le bureau par exemple) de mon interface opérateur en utilisant l'outil de déploiement TS mais je voudrais pouvoir paramètré la propriéié "démarrer dans" du raccourci

je joins un image de la fenêtre de propriété d'un raccourci








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Did someone find out how to set the working directory of a shortcut created by the TS deployment utility?




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Hey Yannick,


While the TestStand Deployment Utility does not directly allow you to set the "Start In" value for a shortcut, you can specify command-line options. This gives you a few options. Assuming this shortcut is for a TestStand user interface, you can set a command line option to open or execute a sequence (see the Help page for command line options here) or you could add code to your user interface to process a custom command line option as described here.


Another approach (although a more far-reaching one that will apply to any instances of this version of the TestStand Sequence Editor or a user interface on this machine) would be to modify the FrontEndCallbacks file to set the default directory on login. We have a KnowledgeBase article on this process here.


If you would like to set the starting directory for a program other than TestStand, see that application's documentation for information on possible command-line options.

Daniel E.
TestStand Staff Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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