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TestStand and "Unable to find resource file"

We had to rebuild our test set controller (OS crashed and IT couldn't recover), but TestStand is unable to open some of the sequences.  We get this popup that says,  "Unable to find resource files".  Then TestStand locks up and we have to kill it.


We are running TestStand 4.0 and LabView 8.5.  Note that other seqeuences do open and seem to work.  I would appreciate any ideas.  Thanks.



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That does not sound like an error directly related to reading the file. Perhaps a load callback or code in the dllmain of a dll referenced by the file is failing. Try renaming the dlls that the sequence file uses to see if you can then open the file. If so, perhaps those dll 's need to be rebuilt or are missing some dependent files.


Hope this helps,


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Since we can no longer open the sequence in question, how do we find out which dll's the sequence is calling?  Thanks.

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Do you have visual studio? You can debug the process and look at the output window to see what dlls are getting loaded.


Also, often people put their code modules in a path relative to the sequence file. If so, then you can just copy the sequence file to another directory that doesn't have the code modules and open the copy.



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