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TestStand and C# dll



I have a C# .dll created that has Console.Writeline() in few of the methods. and I am calling that .dll to teststand sequence and using those methods. Is there away to see that Console.Wrireline() in TestStand Sequence?

For example: I call a method from C# set_temperature() and that method has Console print, how can I see that on teststand while the sequence is running? Is it possible to open console app in TestStand Software?

Also, is it possible to debug C#.dll file in teststand?

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I'll answer the 2nd question:

You have to compile a debug version of the dll; this will generate a .dll and .pdb file.  Then point your Step Module settings to that debug dll.

Then in Visual Studio; go to Debug > Attach to Process and in the list that pops up find the Seqedit process; select it and click ok to attach to the process.  In Visual Studio, find the source code file and method that will be called by the Step Module settings and put a break point at the beginning of that method.  In TestStand, run the sequence that contains the Step and you will hit the break point in Visual Studio

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