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TestStand, UNC, J-link and the Command Prompt

I have a TestStand sequence running from a mapped network drive. It calls a batch file to open a J-Link file to program the micro for my UUT. This sequence uses relative paths to other files on the mapped drive. When the batch file runs out of TS, the UNC path doesn't work. I disabled the UNC check in the registry, which allowed me to run the batch file manually, but it still won't work out of TS. I've changed it from a batch file to a command prompt call out of TS. This allows me to see that the command prompt is still complaining about the UNC paths. (It uses J-link Commander 7.50a, which I have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled.)


When I run the batch file manually, it works to program the firmware, and shows me that it is using a different J-Link version that I can't find installed on the computer. (Uses J-Link Commander 4.84, which I cannot download and install.) It has no problem with the UNC paths. Is there a permission I need to set? Is there something in my configuration? 


At this point all I can think to do is change all the relative paths to absolute, but I'd rather not do that. 



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I'm not sure if this applies in your case, but usually if you have a relative path that works outside of TS but not when invoked from TS, it is because the current working directory is different. You might try launching TestStand with a shortcut and set the Start In field to change the current working directory.


Also, in reference to the jlink version you can't locate, maybe you can use the Where command in a command shell to locate where the jlink file is being found in the system paths?

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Thanks, James. That gave me something else to try, but unfortunately, it didn't work. Good to know for future use. I was able to find the Jlink. Thanks, again. 

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