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TestStand Offline Results Processing Utility (ORPU) tsr file errors



We have experienced some errors in ORPU, where ORPU have not been able to process the *.tsr files.
It is stated in ORPU Error while processing file and then file name and error message.

We have a few different error messages listed here:


  • Error message: Program Error.
  • Error message: Unknown type name ''.
  • Error message: Unknown type name 'Nominal'.
  • Error message: Unknown type name ''.

The errors originates from different sequence files. The most "common" error code is "Program Error".

It doesn't happen on all units but a few and we are loosing statistics for these units as the results are not saved to the database.


How can I find the root cause of these issue? I have tried to debug the files with ORPU source code and also used the debug sequence in NI_OfflineProcessing.seq, but I don't manage to get any more information of why this is happening, only the same error message as above.
My guess is that something is happening in the sequence that ORPU doesn't figure out how to handle but to correct that in the sequence i need to get some hint of where to look in the sequence. Is there any tool to see the content of the *.tsr files?

How do you recommend me to debug this issue and why we get these types of errors?

Thank you!


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Not sure if it will help, but one thing you can try is to process TSR files from inside the sequence editor, which might assist debugging. You can do this by running the Process Results File [for testing and debugging] sequence from the file Program Files\National Instruments\TestStand 2020\Components\Models\ModelPlugins\NI_OfflineResultsGenerator.seq



On the topic of TSR debugging, I have also attached a sequence file that can be used to dump the contents of a TSR file to a textual log. Just run the main sequence and browse to the TSR file and the log will appear as the report. However, the output is kind of low level and might not be of much use with the type issue you are seeing.

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