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TestStand Message Popup (CVI Automation) and IVI Engine

I have compatibility problems between TestStand Message Popup (from CVI Automation) and IVI engine
When I initialize an IVI-driver (with success) then the following error occurs when displaying a message popup from Test-Stand:
Error executing substep post. Could not load cviauto.dll or external library.
Error in parameter 10 responseBufResult. Error code -17004
If I first display the message popup (with success) then the error occurs while initializing the Ivi-driver (for Burleigh WA-1100 lambda-meter)
ActiveX automation server exception. Error Code: -17811.
VISA returns $BFFF003C => VI_ERROR_ALLOC (Insufficient system resources to perform necessary memory allocation) (wa1100_Init is called from A
ctiveX server).

But any of these steps works if executed alone. The error occurs when these steps are both executed
I use CVIAUTO.DLL v5.5 and IVI.DLL v1.6

Thanks for your help.

Edouard Pardieu (
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I am assuming that you are calling the driver using a dll flex adaptor step.
In this seqeunce I did an Initwithoptions and called a message popup and then did a Close.
I obtained the driver from following location

I have attached the seq file for your to try out. If made your calls differently please let me know.
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I would like to reply to Anand Jain who answered to my question that:
* I actualy call a "home-made" delphi component in testStand via ActiveX Automation adapter, not dll flexible prototype adapter. This component calls the IVI-driver dll.
* Yes, I uses the WA1100 IVI - driver available from Burleigh web site
I thank you for replying me so fast and would like you to let me know your company

Edouard Pardieu
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Hello Edouard,

This incompatibility in libraries might be related to the fact that you are calling the IVI driver from inside an active X server. Error code -17004 is usually related to a DLL not being in the system or a DLL being of different version. The following document addresses this error in particular and some workarounds to try:

The reason why I'm thinking this could be the case is because your activeX server needs certain system DLLs (such as OLE32.dll and OLEAUT32.dll) that are also needed by cviauto.dll.
There might be some incompatibility in the dlls loaded by your activeX server and the dlls that need to be loaded for cviauto.dll to run.
this helps some.


Azucena Perez
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