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TestStand Label Control to Labview String Indicator

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Hello Community,


I am using TestStand 2016 32-bit & Labview 2016 32-bit


  1. I created a TSUI.ILabel in the "TestStand Simple UI Dependencies.lvlib:Teststand UI Data.ctl" Type Def, while using the TestStand Simple UI in Labview.
  2. On the Front Panel I created a TestStand UI Label Control
  3. On the Block Diagram I designed my code to have the label control connect to the CaptionSource_UserName of the Application Manager ConnectCaption

Now when a user logs into the TestStand Simple UI I can see the users name show up in the Label Control as "User: Bob". Since this is a TestStand Label Control being used in Labview, the type is a Variant. I tried using a Property Node to read the value in the Label, but I can not. I tried Variant to Data and Variant to Flatten String. Maybe I am not going about it correctly.


Is there a way to get convert "User: Bob" into a String? or is there a way I can test that a user is logged in or logged out?


Thank you


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How to convert a TestStand Label Control to a String in Labview?

I am trying to get the logged in User Name from the TestStand GUI into a Labview String.

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Accepted by topic author MechUnit
09-27-2018 05:49 AM

In my TestStand UI, I have a User Changes Event.  From there, it's Application Manager -> GetEngine then IEngine.CurrentUser.LoginName

You may also want to check for error code 97, which would mean that a user isn't logged in.


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