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TestStand LabVIEW adapter bug? The timestamp format (Error -17300)


I just wanted to inform you about probable bug in LabVIEW adapter which is related to timestamps.

If we have a VI with timestamp input and we call it from TestStand we might see the error (see below) if our input is an empty string.



Parameter 'time in':
The Timestamp value specified does not have the expected format: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss.sss AM/PM
Error Code:

-17300; Value invalid or out of range.

Step 'Action' of sequence 'MainSequence' in 'TimeTest.seq'

But it appears ONLY if I use LabVIEW runtime engine.


See the attachment (set RTE in the adapter settings).


May I ask someone from NI to confirm the bug and report a CAR?

Michał Bieńkowski
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