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TestStand LabVIEW OI and modelsupport2.dll

I'm trying to understand how to do some customization of the LabVIEW version of the TestStand (3.5) Operator Interface.  I need the default OI to change in several areas.  One in particular is that a teamate company (dictating the look and feel) wants us to have a Data Entry dialog.  They say that it's part of the TestStand Sequential Process Model and it's contained in ModelSupport2.dll, and that it contains its own GUI that is used by the process models.
I hope to develop tests in LV8.  As a first step, I'm trying to understand how (and when) to call the functions within the modelsupport2.dll.  I there any documentation on the functions within (other than the .h)?  Can someone walk me through an example where a sequence file (or is the call made from LabVIEW?) displays some dialog that is supposedly in modelsupport2.dll?
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There's several dialogs in modelsupport2. There's the serial number dialogs for the sequential model, parallel model, and batch model. The only other dialogs are for the report file options and model options. The last two are what you get when select Configure>Report Options and Configure Model Options. The serial number dialogs are called in the process model like the other company said and I don't know of any test sequence or OI that would call them directly. If you want to override them and use your own serial number dialog, then you can put own callback in a sequence.
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