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TestStand Execution ID for Database

I am working on sending test results to our database with TestStand database option. In our database table, we have a column which is called "__Sys_Instance_ID". In database viewer, it looks like:


In our software which is used to send data to database, I saw that it is equal to Execution ID:



In TestStand, I saw the object reference Execution as:unnamed (1).png


When I use variable Runstate.Execution.ID, I cannot get the number 7DC7E990-18DC-111D1-.....

How can I get this number and what is its type? How can I create it in Database Options, Schemas tab?

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HI Saygılarımla,


The Execution IID is the GUID of the Execution COM class. It will be consistent for every execution. Is there a reason that you wanted this information in your database? 

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