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TestStand Diversity handling system



I am looking into adding Diversity handling of test sequences. I.e. the possibility to run the same TS sequence but with different sets of test limits (pulled from a central server DB) - based on the product type being tested.



Two different amplifiers share the exact same sequence, but they have different measurement characteristics and require different limits. 


The idea is to export limits from TS to a server database (one for each product), and then on-the-fly load the correct set of limits when running the test.


Note: It has to implement security features - you need admin rights to delete the diversities from the database or to update the ones used in production.


(Using TestStand 2017 SP1 btw)



Do any of you know an "off the shelf" product that does this? Or have you created a custom solution which does this? I'm very interested in hearing about it then! There could be a commercial possibility here, but it has to be a viable mature product already, there is not time for a complete from scratch system.


Any ideas or thoughts?



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Hi Kim,


Did you check property loader step type.Its for the same purpose that you need.



You can go to examples and see how it works and the different options it gives wrt limit files.

or refer help documents.


C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\TestStand 20XX (32-bit)\Examples\Built-In Step Types\Property Loader Step Type



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