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TestStand Deploy with MSI

Good morning,


I have some issues with the Automatic deployment of a sequence in TestsStand (in which are included also the call to some VIs) by the Tools inside TestsStand. The report shows me that everything was ok and the only thing to pay attention to was the Microsoft DLLs which I have not included in my installer since my target has Windows. So, I don't understand way a txt, added during the creation of the packet, when I install it on the target machine gives me the error 1334 of missing file. Moreover, I have some other questions:


  1. there is a way to override the versioning number? I mean if my installer has problems, I want to make another deployment with the same version number. Is it possibile? 
  2. If my target machine has no LabVIEW installed the deployment of the sequence will work correctly?
  3. What is the better choice between the IMS and the image only options?
  4. What happen if the packet is installed on a machine which has teststand already installed?
  5. Do you have some advice on the best practice to do the deployment?

Thank you very much for your help!

Best Regards and merry Christmas,


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Hello Zuc Lab,


Please review the Deployment Best Practices and if you have any open questions, just post here. TestStand System Deployment Best Practices 


Best Regards.

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