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TestStand Build aborted due to project libraries having duplicate names

We are building a TestStand build with multiple LabVIEW projects. The LabVIEW projects hierarchy we have maintained same, that is all the projects have the same folder and sub-folder structure.

The class names and controls for different projects too have the same name. When we are trying to generate a build, the build generation is aborted with the message "While Processing VIs...
Error: The following VIs or project libraries have duplicate names.
You must change the duplicate VI names or add the VIs to project libraries."

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Hello Venkatdelli,


Take a look at the following help documentation and try out the steps it lists: 

  • Add the files with duplicate names to a LabVIEW project library.
  • Rename the files with duplicate names and use the LabVIEW rename option to update the callers automatically.
  • Configure the steps in the sequence to be called in the context of different LabVIEW projects.

Hope this helps,

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