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TestStand API: What is the name of the Multiple Numeric Limit Test ->Numeric Format?

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 I have accessed all the listed properties  in the NI_LimitMeasurement definition.  However, the numeric format appears to be missing.  It's not at the step level, and it's not in the MNLT object or the individual results (or at least it's not listed in the documentation here:


A) Where is this set?

B) How would I find it?  Is there a method or property that allows me to list the values available?





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Thought I found it as a property, but I get an error instead.

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Step Settings, Limits Tab, to the right there should be "Numeric Format".  %2.1f is a custom example format.  The drop down box has standard settings.

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Thanks for the reply- but I was looking for the API programming access to set that value.


However!  I figured it out late last night.  I found a single post that discussed setting it in another context, and it's an undocumented set of method calls/properties on the Data object.  Somewhat frustrating that it's not fully documented.


I'll post the solution when I get to work.

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Accepted by topic author Jed_Davidow

Here's my solution; please comment if you think it can be improved


(Edit, adding keywords:  Teststand Programmatically Edit Multiple Numeric Limit Test LabVIEW API)


TS editing example.png


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