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TestStand API Show Sequence in Execution window

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I am trying to customize the the TestStand LabVIEW Simple UI example. By default it does not show test sequence in the execution view when the file is loaded. Only when execution begins the steps appear in that view.

I would like to see steps in the execution view when the file is loaded, before the execution even started. Very much like in sequence edit view of the Full-featured example.


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The SequenceView control can only be connected to one manager control at a time.  When connected to the execution view manager it only shows the execution (which is the default behavior  you are witnessing).  If you want to see the edit time copy you have to connect it to the sequence file view manager.  The problem is once the execution begins you will now not see the execution.  You can trigger an event on the new execution and reconnect it if you'd like.  In fact I think the full-featured UI does something similar to this.


The other option is to have a tab control that has two tabs, each with a sequenceview control.  Connect one to one manager and one to the other manager and then when the execution begins/ends just switch to the other tab dynamically.


Hope this helps,

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That is a very good advice. I went with first option and it is working pretty well.

Thank you.

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