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TestStand 4: 17502 System Level Exception

I attempted to run an TestStand 3.1 Sequence file on my new computer in TestStand 4. And I had a 17502; system level expection run time error for a particular function call. The sequence access the function or module from a .dll that was developed in LabWindows/CVI 7. However, this code module works on my other station that runs TestStand 3.1. I also attached the example of the code that's causing this run-time error in TestStand 4.



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Most likely you are getting an access violation in your C code. Have you tried stepping through your C code in the CVI debugger to see where the error is happening?



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I did step through the code to see which function call was causing error. However, when I save the sequence file at a TestStand 4.0 sequence file and executed the sequence this system level exception error did not occur again.

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Do you still have the 3.0 file? Let us know if you are able to reproduce the problem again.




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