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TestStand 2021 - Code Module Properties: VI Icon and terminals are tiny



I am evaluating TestStand 2021 and noticed that when setting up the properties for a code module that calls a LabVIEW VI, the corresponding VI Icon and terminals display in a tiny size (please see attached image).

I tweaked around with the compatibility DPI settings for SeqEdit.exe, but I could only manage to get it to display in a useful size while at the same time messing up the display of the whole application.

Has anyone else had better luck with this?



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Looks like you're using a non-English version of OS, assuming from the font used for the file paths and the Japanese Yen symbol used in the path instead of slash.


Maybe this is just an issue because of some incompatibility between the font used by OS and TestStand. Let us see how the English OS users observe the same on their side.

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