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TestStand 2014 F1 Patch deletes report by itself after finish execution

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Hello all,


today I installed the TestStand 2014f1 patch and after that I recognized that TestStand deletes my ATML5 reports by itself after finishing execution.


I have On-The-Fly Reporting enabled, and store the Reports in different locations for every sequence. This locations, I determine in the PREUUT Callback.


During Execution I see that the report is generated exactly at the specified location but if execution is finished they will be deleted immediatly. I don't know why?


Do I have to remove the f1patch? Has someone the same problems?


I'll be glad if someone has a suggestion what to do.


Thanks a lot!

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Hey dfschunk,


This is not a known issue with the TestStand 2014 SP1 f1 patch, so we'll need to get some more information from you to determine why this might be happening. Could you provide us with the following information?


1) A sequence file that reproduces the issue (specifically, I am interested in seeing what you do in the PreUUT callback to set the report path)

2) Screenshots of both tabs on your report configuration dialog, or the ResultProcessing.cfg file located at <TestStand Cfg>\ModelPlugins



Daniel E.
TestStand Staff Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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i'm using that version, and have not seen that issue

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Accepted by topic author dfschunk



I created an example file to show the effect (see attachment). I think I found the problem and it is my fault.


I have seen that it is myself who is deleting the files ( Before starting the reporting I want to clear the report directory.


When I work with my custom LabVIEW-GUI (uses parts of the TestStand SimpleUserGUI-example, singlePass-execution) everything works fine. The deletes the old reports and after executing the new report stays in this directory. the PreUUT-Callback seem so be executed only once. The same happens if I use TestStand SequenceEditor for executing sequences and use there "SinglePass".


When using the TestStand SequenceEditor to execute sequences in TestUUT-Mode the new report is deleted after the First UUT-Test has finished and I click Stop in the UUT Information-PoUp. I think the PreUUT-Callback is called here and deletes my report. This seems to be logical.


With this routine I work now for two months and I remarked the "deleting" just after installing the TestStand2014f1 Patch. So I think there is some change in calling PreUUT-Callback, but I'm not sure. Perhaps you can check this.



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The behavior that is shown in the files you sent, and as described in your post, is what I would expect to happen (either with the f1 patch or without). In Test UUTs, the PreUUT callback is when the UUT dialog is popped up, and this is the dialog where you are choosing to stop the test. However, in the case where you run Single Pass, the PreUUT callback is not called, so the code would not be executed before the test.


We have not made any changes to TestStand 2014 SP1 f1 that would have impacted this behavior, so I do not think the patch itself is causing this behavior. Have you made any other changes to the system in between the working and non-working states? Are you using the same machine for both tests, or did you also migrate the test to a new patched machine that may have different settings or file versions on it?

Daniel E.
TestStand Staff Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Hallo Daniel,


thank for the reply. Since I know why, it is not further a problem for me. I only need Single Pass in this project so it'll be no problem.


I don't know why I didn't recognize this earlier.


Thanks for help!

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