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TestStand 1.03 and Oracle 8i Lite, Database data operation step comes up with errors

WIN 2000
TestStand 1.03
LabVIEW 6.0
Oracle 8i Lite

I am having trouble with data operation steps within TestStand. I have handles to both database and sql statement but doing a add record causes this error:

Error executing substep 'Post'. Native error code -2146825037 0x800a0cb3 ADODB.Recordset: Object or provider is not capable of performing requested operation. [Error Code: -10]

I am trying to access the database between steps in the SequenceFilePostStep.

Thanks for any help
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This answer to a similar question concerning Oracle 8i was posted to the TestStand ListServ:

I have used Oracle 7 and 8.0.5 but not 8i. If you are using the Microsoft
Oracle driver, I would not recommend it. If you are using an Oracle ODBC
driver, I would recommend that you check their web site to see if you have
the latest Oracle ODBC driver especially if you are using the default
shipped with 8i. In addition, I have had better performance and less
errors with the Oracle OLE-DB Provider that now comes with Oracle Client
and it is available from their web site. The next version of TestStand
will recommend to use the Oracle provider instead of the ODBC driver
because of some problem that we saw with the ODBC driver that did not occur
with the provider.

Scott Richar
National Instruments
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