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Test Stand feedback

Hello everyone:

I was just wondering if someone could give some kind of feedback on using
Test Stand with LabVIEW. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
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Hello! TestStand and LabVIEW are designed to work very well together. Currently it appears that about half of the TestStand users are using LabVIEW to write their test modules and the other half are using LabWindows/CVI. Since National Instruments created LabWindows/CVI and LabVIEW, we are able to ensure that TestStand integrates very well with these products. There is also a TestStand palette of VIs that install in LabVIEW that allow you to pass data between your LabVIEW test code and TestStand very easily. You can also step into and run your LabVIEW code from the TestStand environment to make debugging your test sequences easier. I hope this helps answer your question. If you have a more specific question please feel free to ask.
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