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TS Version Selector and ActiveX in LV



I need to switch TS versions and do some actions on all installed TS versions.

But it seems that activex still has loaded previous TS version? I have to restart LV and then he loads version that was last set.

Is there an workaround ?



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Hi Pawhan,


Since LabVIEW is communicating with the TestStand engine through ActiveX/Com technology, there can only be one active version. See the Version selector help - When LabVIEW loads, it reads from the registry what the active TestStand version is and therefore will need to be relaunched in order to read the new engine reference. 

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Thanks for the reply,


I found simple workaround:

-set active TS version from main app

-call simple LV exe from main app that will do actions on TS by activex



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Another question:


How can I get ridof popup from TS Version Selector when starting it from console?

I want to automate switching process and now someone has to press confirm button


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