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TS-OPUI shows Passed but there are fail-tests - why?


i am using TS4.2.1 and LV8.6 in WIndowsXP. There i use the default TS-OPUI.

In the TS-OPUI there is in the left side a Execution-list with a final-result Passed/Failed and a color green/red.

When i click on a execution then it shows me on the right side the report of this execution.


Now i have the problem that TS shows a final result of PASSED but there are some fail-tests in the sequence that are shown in the report.


How is this possible?





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Check if on all desierd steps the flag "Step Failure Cause Sequence Failure" is set to true.








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None of my steps has this flag disabled 😞


I saw in the reports that all "wrong" results also have an "ERROR"-step inside.

Is it possible that the error overwrites the normal result (which should be fail) with passed?


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That is possbile

Just visit this old thread:





Sessions NI-Week 2017 2016
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Now i created a dummy sequence that contains dummy-labview-vis (one is pass, one fail, one error)

When running the sequence then the report says "Fail" but the Icon in Teststand shows a green Passed-Icon.

Does someone know which variable sets this final-icon in the Execution-list?

(In the model the Main-sequence-callback finished correct with "error".)


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I am getting nearer...

When the error occurs then Teststand shows me the RunTimeError-occured-popup (screenshot).


When selecting here: runCleanup -> then the result goes on Pass

When selecting here: ignore -> then the result goes on Fail.


I am sure that it is somewhere in the model.

Because when using the default-model (and not my custom model as above) then the result is going correct on Error when selecting runCleanup.

The question is nonly: Where is this set?

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I fouond the missing line:

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