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TS Global Variable Container Type VISA Not Available

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I have two machines running TS sequences with the Labview adapter. I am trying to bring up a third. When trying to define the TS Station Globals I have a container that is a VISA type on the first two machines. I have installed the developers suite the same on the third machine as the other two. When I try and create the TS global variable container and select Type, VISA is not available as on the other two. I am trying to figure out why this is but in the meantime thought I would ask to see if anyone has had this problem before.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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First of all there is no such native datatype in TestStand named VISA.  Generally people use the LabVIEWIOControl which ships with TestStand.  To get it you can go to Type>>LabVIEW>>LabVIEWIOControl. 


If the type needs to be VISA then my guess is somebody created that type.  You need to open a file in TestStand with that type loaded.  This can be a sequence file or type palette file.  Loading the file into memory will bring the type into memory and allow you to create variables with that type.


Here is an interesting document on type management in TestStand:


Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the reply. I actually found the custom type on one of the other machines. I have been the only one using them and do not remember creating any custom variables. However I saw it there in the custom variables on the third machine and copied it to the TS Globals. That did the trick. I just had to dig a little further. Thanks for getting back to me.

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