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System Level Exception. Error code -17502


I have an initialize test step which is written in LabWindows/CVI and I call
that step from TestStand.

In that test step I initialize one dll, first I load DLL (the handle goes to
the global variable) and finally I get the function pointers. When this step
ends, I go back to the TestStand and I got this error. Do you know what is
wrong and how should I do this dll loading because I need this handle later?

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I think something must be happening in either the DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH: of DLL main in the loaded dll. It might be trying to do something which can be causing the system level exception.

System level exception can also be caused because you are calling a dll function incorrectly ie passing a I16 instead of a I32 in the parameters.
I might also be trying to call/release a function reference which is not valid.

I would suggest you to step into your code and make sure that all your reference are valid if and when you call/release them.

You might want to try to trap the 17502 error by following the Knowledge Base link given below

Anand Jain
Applications Eng
National Instruments
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