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StationGlobals variables are disappeared when reboot PC after 3 days

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I made some StationGlobals for configuration last week and booted today but can't see most of variables.

Is it possible to clear the stationglobal variables? 

Not sure of this, I'd like to export stationglobals. Is it possible to export stationglobals?


When I doing more, problems are following more, unfortunately. 😞

Best Regards,

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Hello gooohestpoo,


StationGlobals are saved in a file, you can check if the file exists or is modified.

C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\TestStand 2016 (32-bit)\Cfg\StationGlobals.ini

For a check, if you want to make this file readable, you can go to

Configure -> StationOptions -> File -> File Format Options

and change the format.

Change the format after testing back to binary, because it is the fastes!


best regards
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I had the same issue. I resolved this problem by using the same version of Teststand. 
I have Teststand(32bits) and Teststand(64bits) installed on my pc . When I created the variables , i was working with Teststand(32bits). Then after restarting my pc i opened Teststand(64bits) so I couldn't find the variables.

When I opened with Teststand(32bits) , I found the created variables.

I hope this may help you.

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