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Starting two VIs on the same time in TetsStand

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I want to start two LabView VI on the same time. First I tought i can use the parallel or batch model but this isnt working. Are there any possibilties to start two VI on the same time?


Kind Regards


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Hi Christian,


Do you need both of your VIs to start at the same time or are you happy for them to be running at the same time?  If you are happy for them to be running at the same time and that one will start before the other then you could create a VI like the one shown below, that launches the two VIs you want running at the same time, and call that VI from TestStand.  Putting the calls to Run VI in the same VI will get your VI starts pretty close together but not at the same time.


Run Two VIs.png


If you are not bothered how far apart the VIs are started, then I would advocate having a VI like the example below, instead of launching both VIs in a single VI have a VI that launches one VI and call it twice from TestStand.  This gives you a more useable VI.


Run One VI.png


Hope this helps



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Hi Christian,


you can put each vi in separate sequence and call those sequence one after another in a new thread as described here 

When to Run a Sequence in a New Execution versus in a New Thread - NI.

Your VIs will run simultaneously.



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Thank You for your help. I decided for Roman solution but the answer from Steve was also Helpful now it works perfect.



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TS ships with "Run VI Asynchronously" step type that does exactly what Roman called out but without the developer having to create a sequence etc. 



Anand Jain


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