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Some controls in container not connected automatically

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Does anybody know why teststand is unable to automatically connect some components of a container? 


Take a look at the attached image: in station configuration, some fields like ProberPort get connected automatically, but some others, like WetTestHardwareDAQID_1, do not get connected.  If you look at the parameters, you will see that both containers (the container in TestStand and the cluster output of the VI) are similar.  So, why the ??? <Unknown Value>.


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Dont know why this is happening, but its interesting to note that its the two with the same basic name and finish with a number.

Does it still do it if they were different or with without the "_"?



Ray Farmer

Ray Farmer
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You get the message because a mapping between the subproperties of the parameter and the cluster elements is not found.  To verify this, go to the type definition of StationConfiguration variable.  In the type definition, right-click and select Properties from the context menu.  Select the Cluster Passing tab.  In the Property combo box, select the WetTestHardwareDAQID_1 and see what is the value of the control "Cluster Item Label".  If it is empty, then there is no mapping specified.  Do the same for WetTestHardwareDAQID_2.  To add a mapping, just enter the cluster element label that you want the property to map to.

One possible reason for the control "Cluster Item Label" to be empty is that the someone did a type change on those subproperties.  Notice that the type column has a button to change the type of the subproperties.  If you click on the button and select a new type, the cluster passing information is lost.  This is something we are aware of and will be fixed in a future release of TestStand.

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JoseHdz, that solved the problem.  One other detail that might help anybody else who sees the same problem: after changing the cluster passing properties, I saw a button called "Apply Cluster Passing Changes" in the Type column of the specify module tab for the step.  I had to click on that button for the changes to be applied.
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