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Skipping a step through porpertyloader

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Hi all,


If I skip a step by importing an excel file with porperty loader, the sequence file is marked as modified.

It's not the case with other porperties.

Is it normal?

does it exist a solution to work around?


Thanks in advance for your help


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Hi all, I answer to myself with a solution.

So, there is a bug in propertyloader. If TS.Mode pproperty is modified, the sequence file is marked as modified even during sequence execution.

To work around, in my propertyloader, I modify TS.mode property only if "IsUsingTool" is True. If "IsUsingTool" is false, I use SetRunModeEx function.


if (propertyLoaderContext.IsUsingTool == true)
   LoaderObject LoaderObjectMode = StepLoader.LoaderObjects["TS.Mode"];
   LoaderObjectMode.PropertyObject.SetValString("", 0, "Skip");
   propertyLoaderContext.TargetSequenceFile.GetSequenceByName(SequenceName).GetStepByName(StepName, StepGroups.StepGroup_Main).SetRunModeEx("Skip", propertyLoaderContext.SequenceContext.Execution);

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Hi all,


I have the same problem when a change a sequence call arguments value.

The property loader changes properties and the sequence file is marked as modified even if propertes are modified at runtime.

And in this case, there is no workaround.

Does this issue be known? It it already identifed and fixed?


Thanks in advance for your help


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