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Simple sequence editor OI example

I'm looking for a simple LabVIEW OI example that is just a sequence editor.  Does anyone know of any?  All of the examples I have found are either extremely complex (full featured OI example) or are just for executing sequences, not editing.




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I would think that the full-featured OI is about the simplest form of a sequence editor out there.  How much simpler do you need it?


What functionality do you need?  maybe you can use this list and check which features you want and don't want?


Are you just trying to limit abilities in the normal sequence editor?  A lot of that can be done through permissions.


I don't know of any examples that are out there other than the Full OI.  Have you seen this webcast:


Hope this helps,

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I am looking for literally nothing but a sequence editor.  I don't want debugging, executing, configuration, nothing.  Just create and save sequence files 🙂  I figured it was a long shot but worth asking.  I guess I'll just have to put forth the effort of either making my own or stripping the full featured OI.


Thanks for your reply.


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creating operator interfaces can be very time consuming in particular as the way you have to interact with the ActiveX server isn't fully intuitive for LabVIEW developers.


I have created an API/framework some time ago which wraps these parts so that all the developer needs to deal with follows proper OOP LabVIEW programming paradigms.


I have re-created all NI examples but as Jigg said, the full example is the only sequence editor example that I'm aware off.


If you are interested check out my "solution" to the problem. As it follows proper data flow it should be much simpler to throw out the bits you don't want:


Best Regards



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