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Simple TestStand Question Regarding Available Functionality

Hey, I'm relatively new to Test Stand.  I'm getting the hang of it.  LabVIEW is my native language so it's been odd writing VIs to be wrapped up in Test Stand.  


Anyways, I'm doing a review and there are Actions I'd like to specifically address in the review while we go through it.  Is there a way to highlight an action?  Like highlight the entire thing yellow or some color?


If so, is it available in Test Stand 4.2.1 or was it introduced in later versions?

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In the past, I have used labels and/or changing the step icons to flag things I needed to look at.

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I'd use labels, but there's plenty of those just making general comments throughout.  So unless I'm stopping to read each of them individually, it's easy to dismiss.  I suppose I could surround it with notes to make it very obvious.


But I take it what I've asked doesn't exist?

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You could add something like REVIEW_REQUIRED in the comment for anything that requires review and then use the Find feature to navigate to each one.  This has the advantage of working for things besides steps.

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