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Setting numbers to specific integer widths in TestStand

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I have TestStand 2017 32-bit. I am working with a DLL where arrays of integers are expected to be supplied to the DLL and read back for certain operations. The arrays are of type uint32_t. 


I want my TestStand steps to send and receive the data properly. I notice that in TS when you define a number, it's either "default" (which I'm assuming will be 'int' width per system configuration), or you can modify the representation to int64_t or uint64_t.


How can I make my arrays or numbers to be uint32_t? Or does it not matter how I store it in TestStand as long as it's defined by the DLL parameter? 


Thank you

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It seems that this questions is addressed here:


In summary, TestStand stores all numbers internally by default as 64-bit floating point which is wide enough to cover uint32_t type integers. As long as the module being called specifies this type in its parameters, TestStand should know how to handle it. 

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