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Set busy cursor from Statement

Is it possible to set cursor busy/unbusy from Statement in TestStand?

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If you mean an expression (and even worse in a single step) then I'm 99% sure it is impossible.

Expressions help to work in the TestStand ecosystem, so an engine, seqedit, or manager controls. I think the cursor is outside of this ecosystem. What is more, expressions are pretty limited. However, there are methods like Engine.GetInternalOption one can use to return, for example, an ApplicationManager. But as you may see it returns it as a variant, so you need another step (ActiveX) to type cast.

Try to use Windows API and .NET or C/C++ DLL adapter instead.

Michał Bieńkowski

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That's what I thought but I wanted to be sure.

I'm aware of other possiblities (.NET, LV, or any other adapter) but this will only complicate the thing which I do not want to.

I can live without busy cursor then 🙂


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Dear pitol,


Unfortunately it is not possible.




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