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Set Report options on user interface launch

Is there a way to set the Report Options dynamically when the Operator Interface launches? Using CVI 8.5.

For example if user select HTML report then Sequence for Select a Reprot Generator for Producing the Report Body should be selected. Result Filtering to be set to All Results and Include Limits and Measurement checked.


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Hello lvrat,


If you want this to happen each time the Operator Interface launches, you can place a sequence call in "FrontEndCallbacks.seq" to run "Configure Report Options" from the process model. This will essentially call "ModelSupport.seq" which runs modelsupport2.dll. This is exactly what happens when you click Configure->Report Options... from a TestStand Development System.


Note: FrontEndCallbacks.seq runs at the start of the Operator Interface and at the exit of the Operator Interface because it handles Login & Logout. You will need to prevent it from running this "Configure Report Options" sequence call at Logout by setting the Precondition to "!Parameters.logout". Also, If your Login step has a Post Action to "Goto step" -> "<EndGroup>", you must set the Post Action to "Goto Next Step".






Jeff L.

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