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Sequential model types have changed... why, and how to deal with this?

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During runtime, I add options to the AdditionalData section of Root.Locals.UUT.  I do not save this.


However, now, when I load one of the files that does this, it instantly modified the Sequential Model in memory and TS asks me if I want to save it- but it's protected, so I have to deal with that dance.


1) What in my working sequence file is causing the Sequential Model to be modified on load?


2) How can I resolve this?  I don't need the type to be permanently modified, and I would like to avoid that since I am using this code as a shared library on a dozen machines.


(Note:  The type is not being modified, but the version)




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Hi Jed,


UUT is a container used in the proces model to store UUT information.

The TestStand sees a container difference between two loaded sequences - Yuur sequence and the Process Model which is already loaded.

Hence the type differences.


I am assuming you just want to test it temporarily.

1) Open the process model (Sequential Model sequence).Do" save a" and store with a temp name.

2)Select the new process model from configure --> Station options-->Model.

3) Now open your modified sequence.Feel free to save this temp sequential model and do your testing.

4)After testing revert back the original sequential model and also ensure your test sequence modifications are reversed back.


Hope this helps.



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Hi Ravi,


Thanks for your suggestion.  I THINK I figured it out with a slightly different method...


The Process Model is locked on disk, and always loads with UUT v5.1.0.1.  This will be how the model loads on each and every system, since it's locked, right?


Evidently, on one of my sequences, I must have mod'd UUT.  This bumped that sequence's version to


I also much have loaded my other sequences to do some work in parallel.  Even though I did not touch those specifically, since there was one in memory at, TS bumped them all to that later version, and I saved.


So I guess what happened is that if ANY UUT v19 loads, they all rev and if I don't notice and save, they get rev'd.  Maybe I turned off a warning?


Anyway, I opened each one and specifically renamed the version back to, because I had not actually changed them.


This worked... until I opened yet another sequence with in it!


I think I have a handle on it now, but is there a way to prevent all types in memory being updated to the latest version in memory?

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Accepted by topic author Jed_Davidow

Hi Jed,


You can explore the options in Configure -->Station options -->File tab


If there is a difference in the data type between all loaded files then TestStand will do the following based on the above settings:


1 ) You opened a sequence and modified the data types. While saving it prompts to increase the version (default) and you opted to increment it.
If you open this sequence with the modified data type and saved in higher version then all the other sequence loaded will automatically upgrade to this version.
However you will see a + sign ( instead of *) which notifies that there is type change. You can ignore and dont save other sequence.

2) If there is no version increment while saving ( you selected do not increment) then also TestStand detects the change and prompts a popup while you open this sequence.
It will ask - this type "UUT" is different than the already loaded sequences. Do you want to load from the already loaded sequence ( sequential model) or you want to load from your file.
If you select loaded sequence then your sequence type will automatically change to other sequence already loaded. You will need to save only your sequence.

If you select your sequence than all other loaded sequence will automatically change and it will show + sign.



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