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SemiConductor Test Module Limitations of Limits

I've just started working with the SemiConductor Test Module.  Am I correctly interpreting the following:

- when passing back Boolean results, TestStand only has the ability to interpret TRUE as a passing result - limits cannot be set for Boolean results that would define FALSE as a passing result

- Numeric results must be double sided.  I understand that as a developer I could theoretically plug an impossible number into the unused limit to ensure it never fails on that side (e.g. 0 < x < 999999, where the voltage upper range is 10), but I'd have a hard time justifying that to people in some positions at the company who would not understand at first.

- String results cannot be directly evaluated within STM - none of the Evaluation Type seems to support Strings.  At best, I can use 'None'.


If I set an Evaluation Type to None, the Export Data To column shows the following error:  The expression cannot be empty.  TestStand is trying to force me to copy the data somewhere, even if there's otherwise no use for said data?

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Did you ever find a solution to this?

I'm running into the same issue. I want to pass a string using the TSM Multitest step type.

In my view this is a fairly large limitation in TestStand (not being able to pass a string).

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