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Scan list using Switch Executive

I have a number of signal routes using multiple switch cards that I have set up using switch executive. I want to create a scan list that will switch each of my routes in turn each time I see a hardware trigger on the trigger inputs of my switches.


I have looked at some examples in TestStand and can see that if I use the IVI Switch Step using the IVI Switching setting that I can set up a scan list but that seems to be only for one switch card, I have two that I need to route signals to a Digitizer. I can not see a way of using my routes set up using Switch Executive. 


I can either use LabView2013 or TestStand 2013 to do this.


Some help would be most appreciated?



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Hi Wayne, 


If I have understood your problem correctly, this VI in LabVIEW sound like it does what you are after. 


NI Switch Route Trigger Input



Also at the bottom of this LINK are some examples of scan lists, perhaps you will be able to adapt this to your needs



Please let me know how you get on

Kevin R
Applications Engineer
National Instruments UK&Ireland
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1. Naming each route with the same name with alternate prefix. You can also name it with different name, but you need an array of route name in TestStand for this case.

2. Use a for loop inside TestStand. Wait for a trigger inside for loop, and have next step to change root.

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