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Saving view settings in TestStand



We are a few TestStand developers all using the same physical test station at times. We each have a user set up on the system, but it annoys me a bit that every time I use the system somebody has changed the "views" away from the way I prefer them to be (it probably annoys the other guys as well that I change them back 😉 )


Is it possible, somehow, to save the view setup of the environment, i.e. I like to have my steps in the middle on the top, my variables list on the right and my sequence list on the left etc.?




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If you use .tsenv then include LocalAppData (see this). Check also this (User-Specific Application Data section). Keep in mind that you have multiple configuration files in TestStand and sometimes you need to use more than one to set up what you like.

Michał Bieńkowski

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