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Running Test sequences in a remote target (PXI)

Hello guys,

I am new with teststand and I need some help.

How can I configure teststand so that the test sequences run in the PXI instead of my computer.

Thank you.

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Do you have a windows controller in your PXI ?

If yes, you have a nice example here :


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Thank you for your valuable help CyGa

but in fact I have a phar Lap OS in my PXI (LabVIEW RT)

So is there any solution executing on this OS (I can't change the OS it's a requirement) ?


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I guess you should contact NI support to have an accurate answer.

But I don't think you can actually run TS on an RT OS.


Usually when I come to do this, TS only gives orders (through TCP for example) to my RT code. RT code is then in charge to achieve the tasks in real-time and retrun an answer to TS (Through TCP again for example).

So TS will sequence the orders and wait for answers. The executer will be your RT code. Both are independant, and only link by a communication channel.


I hope it answers your questions.


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Thank you very much for your answer.

But in fact, tests must run in the RT Target so that they are executed in the same conditions as the code modules.

And by adopting the way you have mentionned , I am going to make changes in the code(introducing a TCP connexion between TS and LabVIEW) and tests aren't meant to change code (they're external and we mustn't change our code to adapt it to the tests)

Thank you again for your help and time,if you have any others suggestions I will be happy to listen to them.

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The only way I know to run test sequences ona RT target is to use VeriStand.

With Veristand you have the option of writing sequences and to run them with RT restrictions on the target itself.

Otherwise, I guess it will not work... I'm maybe wrong, and if so I'd love to hear about the solution !


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Relevant to this discussion are the VeriStand Steps for TestStand, which isn't an official NI Product, but an open source project by NI Systems Engineers.
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