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RunState.Execution.GetStates(Locals.ExeRunState, Locals.ExeTermState) Syntax error in the TestStand2.0.1



      I want to read the current program state with the API function. I use the RunState.Execution.GetStates function to execute with TestStand2010, the error is not appear, but in the TestStand2.0.1, the error "The post-expression for the step 'Get Termination State' could not be evaluated.Unknown function or sequence name '.'."  is be occurred, I use the check syntax button to verify whether existence syntax error, the prompt window display “NO Errors”.

   Do you know the difference between the two version TestStand about RunState.Execution.GetStates function?

  Do you have the TestStand Programmer Help about TestStand2.0.1? In the TestStandUserManual, the prompt is "Execution object in which the sequence invocation runs.
Refer to the TestStand Programmer Help for more
information on the methods and properties of Execution
objects.", but I don't find it in the NI web.


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Hi buddy, did you get any way out as of now? For me, the loop seems to cause the issue but not sure thou.



Seder Smith

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I don't use the loop function. just use the Statement step and write the "RunState.Execution.GetStates(Locals.ExeRunState, Locals.ExeTermState)" to the Expression.

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