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Run-time Error Handling

I am having some difficulty finding information on the recommended way to
handle run-time errors, branching on errors, and setting the step error properties
when the step calls (for example) an ActiveX module. I have looked through
the TestStand manual and searched the knowledgebase but I have not found
any specifics.

I understand from a PDF document titled, "A Guide to Developing Effective,
Maintainable TestStand Sequences", that I am supposed to do the error-handling
in the area. The document says, " is a good idea to use the
Setup step group to contain your initialization steps and the Cleanup step
group to contain your error-handling and shutdown routines."

I also looked at rtebeep.seq in the ./Examples/RuntimeE
rrors/ directory.
It was a good example of how TestStand jumps to the cleanup group.

How do you keep the cleanup that needs to be performed on the instruments
separate from the error-handling routine? Or a related question, once you
are in the Cleanup group, how do you determine if you landed there because
of an error, or because the sequence is terminating normally?

I have tried using Gotos and Labels in the cleanup, which not only I can't
make work, but they are really ugly.

What happens if an error happens when execution is in the Cleanup step group?
I want to be able to handle those also.

I am fairly new to TestStand, slightly confused, and probably just need a
good example to work from. Can someone please point me to an example of
how to handle run-time errors. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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In the Step Type Properties, The Post Actions Tab has a selection for "On Fail"
I use this to point to a separate sub sequence for handling errors. And use the clean up for shutingdown or reseting instruments.

Hope this helps
Rob Kennedy
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