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Run-time Error -17100 in Main Sequence


Good day,


We have two test jig PC's running TestStand, and they started giving a run-time error on the same day.


Here is the information of the run-time error pop-up window:


* Details:

Sequence: MainSequence
The file format is incorrect near the section 'Locals'. Make sure that you are using start and end markers correctly.


* Error Code:

-17100; Incorrect file format.


* Location:

Step 'xxx' of sequence 'MainSequence' in 'yyy.seq'


Could you please assist us?  This is crucial for the production of our devices.


Kind regards.

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This feels like a property loader step.  Is step xxx from your example a property loader step?


Does the error happen during execution or when you are opening the sequence file?


Do the PCs share the same sequence file from a shared drive?  What else do they share?

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I am not sure about the property loader step - will get back to you.


Apparently, this error happens when the sequence file is opened.


No, the PCs do not share the sequence file from a shared drive, but they do check it out from a shared repository.  However, the repository was last changed a few years ago.


Thanks for your advice.

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The location of the error states:

"Step 'Load station globals' of sequence 'MainSequence' in 'BedOfNails.seq'.


It is in the beginning of execution.


P.S. Sorry for the delay, we had other technical issues that prevented us from getting back to this point...


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This is definitely a property loader step.  It looks like someone is reading from a file and setting the station globals.  My guess is that the file has become corrupt somehow (most likely because someone edited the file in a text editor and didn't know what they were doing).  You may need to regenerate the file using the export tool.

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