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Run a Sequence with Teststand API

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Hi fellow Devs,


I'm trying to run a sequence using TestStand API, Using the below Method


The loop runs fine till new Execution and then hangs in wait to end the execution property. Till then was working good. After waiting for some time recieved a message pop up that the time limit has exceeded and prompts to terminate the execution.

Can anyone figure out what i'm missing in here.Please Help




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Is there a reason you need to get/run the sequential model?  If the first sequence you load is using the sequentialmodel, you shouldn't need to load the model separately.

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It seems the vi is not the problem. I tried running another example sequence (Mobile Test) and my own sequence which has only functions from the teststand. Both the sequence are running perfect. My sequence contains editted preUUT sequence file callBacks and are using labview vi for actions and numeric Test and also some property loader steps. I found no other difference from the running sequence and my sequence.

Anything I need to set ??

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I guess I don't think so, but what you're doing is unusual.  What happens if you run the client sequence on its own and replace the model callback with the edited PreUUT you described in your post?

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Accepted by topic author AswinPRaj

Yes Bro,

The operation was unusual as it seems. Lol

I managed to make it work by removing the preUUT from the sequence and by editing the original PreUUT callback from the sequentialModel.seq. The sequence is working fine Now. Thanks for the hand of help 😊


[Updated] And also the waitforEndEx must be removed if we are using the vi from a UI Thread

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