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Rising memory consumption at each new start


i am using teststand 2019 and labview 2019.

I created a testplan with ~500 labview teststeps controlling instruments.

When i start the testplan in teststand then i see in the taskmanager that the memory consumption is rising for each teststart.

Also when the test is finished the memory is not cleared.


What can be the reason that the memory is rising?


Its clear that the first start loads all labview-vis into the memory but once they are loaded what else needs memory?

(I see here like +10MB for each start)


Also when i close the sequence in teststand the memory comsumption of teststand is the same.


I am calling the Labview-Runtime-Adapter.

Could it be a problem with to many opened (and not closed) visa sessions in the labview vis?



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Check if any front panels of you labview code modules have plots inside. 

Those might accumulate history data every time the vi is executed. And by default Labview VIs are not unloaded from the memory after every run.




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No, i dont have plots in my VIs.

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if this is a labview related issue, you might be able to debug it with

LabVIEW Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit-Download - NI

Enable debugging in Adapter configuration in TestStand (as you are executing LV in runtime engine)


You may also check this articles:

Investigating Memory Growth Issues in LabVIEW Code Modules Called from TestStand - NI

Troubleshooting Memory Growth Issues in TestStand Systems - National Instruments (

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meanwhile i found that it also happens when using only non-adapter-steps in a loop.

For this i created a sequence with a 1000x for-loop and a non-adapter-numericLimit-test


When executing "test UUts" then the memory is always increasing after each test uut.


Why does this happen?



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