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Return 2D string array to teststand

Another query on Teststand !

I need to continuously return a 2D array from LV7.1 to TS4.

I can return a single dimension array using the Teststand - Set Property
This is a polymorphic vi but does not cater for 2D arrays only 1D, number, boolean, object, string.

Is there a variant of this VI which can return 2D arrays ?

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Hi Mike,

I was also looking for its variant to return 2D array.
Unfortunately i didnt find. But what I did was, I opened this vi and modified it to return 2D array from teststand and it worked. Modification of this VI is simple. Open the VI and change the type input of "Variant to Data" vi. Also change the type of output terminal to 2D array.
I am attaching a Get Property Value vi which I modified for my use. With this example you can modify the Set Property Value vi as well.
After that, use this vi instead of default Get/Set property value vi to access data from TestStand
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Thats a good idea Kaustubh.
I wasn't able to open your example due to running 7.1 but I modified my own Set Property and renamed and it works now with 2d arrays.

Thanks again !
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Thanks for posting this I was able to modify for a 2D string array !

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