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Result Filtering Expressions

Hi All,

I am attempting to customise my results report by using the Result Filtering Expression within the Results Processing -> Report Options diaglogue.


The problem I am having is that I do not know what any of the expressions mean or how they have been derived.


1) Is there a list of syntax codes that can be used within the result filtering expression and a description to what it does / controls?




   Left(Result.TS.StepType, 7) != "NI_Flow"


This is one of the pre existing expressions to filter flow control. How would I go about understanding what this means so I can then start to use my own expressions.


I have looked everywhere for the "Left" statement but cannot find it from within the expression browser.


2) If I chose to use my own expression and not one of the pre existing expressions I always get an error when I try and check the expression is valid and has no mistakes.


Is this normal? See picture for example. There are lots of examples on the forums of what expression to use for a certain task but when I add them into the expression box and check the code for errors it always comes back with an error even though the users in the forum state it works as intended. Am I missing something?


3) If I wanted to filter my report to only contain the results from tests (with limits) and discard everything else what would I use. In my sequence some of my tests are within sub sequences etc. How would I include these?


Any help with the 3 questions above would be grateful.








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Check out the other tabs in the Expression Browser window.  There is the "Operators/Functions" and "TestStand API".  "Left" can be found on the Operators/Functions under string functions.



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For #2) the "Result" variable is a run-time variable so it doesn't exist at edit time so you will get these errors when validating.  What I have done in the past is to create my expression in the Database Options - Result Filtering Expression first.  It has a "Logging.StepResult" variable that is equivalent to the "Result" run-time variable.  Then copy and past it into the other expression editor and remove the "Logging.Step" portion.

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Here is an example expression that I know works (see that it is marked red with an error anyway...).


example Expression.png

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