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Reporting mechanism on HTML report file, using TestStand 2012 SP1



I am using TestStand 2012 SP1, where the reporting mechanism is configured to be in HTML format.

I am not getting the full report of the sequence file which is executed, however I get a part of it printed on the HTML file.


The following are the configured "Report options",



Contents Tab:


Report Format : HTML Document

Default Numeric Format : %$.13f

Include Step Result: Checked

              Result Filtering Expression : Result.Status=="Failed"

              Include Test Limits : Checked

              Include Measurements : Checked

              Include Arrays : Insert Table

              Filter : Include All

Include Execution Times : Checked

On-The-Fly Rporting and Only Display Latest Results : Checked

Select a Report Generator for producing the Report Body : DLL



Report File Pathname Tab:



Generate Report File Path : Checked

       File Name/Directory Options : Specify Report File Path by Expression

       Report File Path (Sequential Model) :





Please let me know a solution to this problem.





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Hi Dharani,


Your current result filtering options are set so that it will only show failed steps. Is this what you wish to show? What parts of the HTML report are not being shown?




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Thankyou for replying.


Yes, I need only the steps which had failed to print on the report file.


The problem what I am facing is, if there are 10 failed steps, the report is not printed for all.


Also the order of printing is not correct for the first step and the last step which is printed on the report file.

I had used "Post Expression" for printing data for all the failed steps. Normally these post expressions should be printed beneath the step in the report file.


1) For the first step which is printed on the html file, the post expression gets printed just above the step and also it gets printed beneath the step.

2) For the last step which is printed on the html file, the post expression is not printed beneath the step.


Please let me know if i need to provide some more information.




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If you could post a simplified version of your sequence file, I can check it out for you.



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