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Report Result Filtering Expressions - Filtering on Result.TS.Stepname

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I'd like to create an expression to filter results on a specific step name.  One of the pulldown items available on the Report Options panels Result Filtering Expression control is "Exclude Flow Control" with the expression Left(Result.TS.StepType, 7) != "NI_Flow".   Since this works it implies that maybe other Standard Report Properties could be used including TS.StepName.  However doing so produces the following error;


"An exception occurred inside the call to .NET member 'ProcessResults':

System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0xFFFFBC6B): Index out of range.

   at NationalInstruments.TestStand.Interop.API.ReportSections.get_Item(Object index)

   at NIOTFReportGenerator.OTFRptGenerator.ProcessResults(SequenceContext sequenceContext, PropertyObject steps, PropertyObject results, PropertyObject callbackNames, PropertyObject parentStepIds, ReportSection stepResultsReportSection, String initialIndentation, PropertyObject& criticalFailureStack, String& errorMessage, Double& errorCode, Boolean& errorOccurred)”.


So the question I have is TS.StepName valid for filtering in this way and if so what's the correct syntax?  If its not valid what other ways are there to filter on a specific step?  

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Result.TS.StepName works. I just ran this, and any step called "Statement" got filtered o



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Thanks that works!

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