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Repeat failing subsequence



My main sequence calls a subsequence which has about 10 action type steps inside. Some of these actions have a tendency to drop an error and we are OK to repeat the sequence maximum 3 times to see if it ever passes. If passes then we'd just like go with the main sequence if fails we'd like to fail the main sequence.


If any of the actions fail then the subsequence should be restarted immediately (if the number of executions is less than 3), so no need to execute the actions after the failing step.


We'd like to every attempt to execute the subsequence (and the results for each actions) so we know how many times we had to try and which steps failed.



What would be the right implementation for this in Teststand?



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Hi 1984, 


What have you tried thus far? Are you running into any specific issues? 



Let me know where you are in implementation and we can talk through some specifics. 

Clint T.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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I got the solution which works for me:

In the sequence call step (in the main sequence):

- Set looping to pass/fail count, record all iterations, Stop after 1 pass or after a maximum of 3 iterations

- I checked the Step Failure Causes Sequence Failure as well as the Ignore Run-Time Errors under the Run options menu


In the subsequence I have checked Step Failure Causes Sequence Failure for all steps.


Now if any of the steps fail in my subseq then it fails the subseq, gives back the control to the main, which repeats the subseq the maximum of 3 times, or until the subseq passes. This seems working fine for me.

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