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Repeat X times if Fail, only report once



How can I repeat some steps for a given amount of times if a measurements is not within the limits?

I also would like to have the limits defined in only one step, and the report should only contain the last measurement.


My Idea (pseudo code):


for (i = 0; i < 5; i++)


      setup step 1 (reboot DUT)

      setup step 2 (set relays...)

      measure-VI (Numeric Limit Test) // LowerLimit = 10, UpperLimit = 20, Result Recording DISABLED

      if (Step.Result.Status == "Passed")





NumericLimitTest   // LowerLimit = 10, UpperLimit = 20, DataSource = Step.Result.Numeric, Result Recording ENABLED



The problem is, that i have to define the same limits twice 😞

What is the Proper way to solve this? Maybe with pre-defined Callbacks?


Thank you!


kind regards



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Yes, you should use callbacks. There is a SequenceFilePostStepFailure callback for this purpose. Check this example:


\Examples\Fundamentals\Overriding Engine Callbacks\Overriding SequenceFilePostStepFailure Callback.seq


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